Accounting Services

Financial Statements

Financial accounting services help shape the foundations of organizations. There is a lot of work involved in compiling the necessary financial statements to confirm that you have the right information to guide your business. Current and precise Financial reports are the base of effective business supervision. Assuming your present personal accountant prepares just quarterly or yearly financial reports for your business, any recommendation or review is often too late to be pertinent. Search for the financial accountant that will assist you with using your month-to-month financial reports and tackle the monetary complexness of your business.
If you are looking for the “tax accountant”, you can take a look at P.Singh CPA company. This is one of the top CPA firms providing the accounting services in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, bringing in-depth experience and collective professionalism to companies in need of long or short-term assistance with finance, accounting, and operations.

What is Included in Our Accounting Services?

Payroll Services are a genuine extension of our month-to-month financial records and tax services. The financial accountant will help you out while coordinating to ensure payroll is going off without a pitfall. We’ll additionally set up a payroll device that allows proprietors and officials to pay their taxes and abide through income rules.

  • Easily calculate payroll supply deductions
  • Issue payslips in your personnel automatically
  • Employees can get online access to their pay stubs
P Singh CPA Firm Offers high-quality accounting services as the foundation of everything we do for our clients. As a personal accountant, we ensure that the accounting is done to our standards and as a result we will keep your books up to date, executed to perfection. Our accounting services are designed to meet all of your day-to-day financial accounting, accounts payable, credit, and month-end financial analysis.
  • You no longer have to manage documents.
  • Easy setup for Quickbooks Online
  • Expertise in tracking your transactions
  • Keep track of your hard-earned money
  • Helps increase efficiency

PSingh offers the accounting services in Canada intending to make the procedure of tax making plans and tax preparation, a less complicated procedure that offers timely, significant information, and assists you in minimizing your tax liabilities presently and into the future. Being one of the Chartered Professional accountants in Ontario, we offer extremely good guidance and advice and carry out all of the year-end tax, accounting, and monetary operations.

  • Better Tax Analysis and Planning
  • Minimize your Tax Liabilities
  • Helps to get a knowledge of Tax returns and Current tax law
  • Guides you throughout Financial business growth

We as the Chartered Professional Accountant offer the complete package – bookkeeping, payroll, GST/HST returns, preparation of financial statements, and more, precisely prepared for your business. We work with your teams in finance and tax functions to help your financial accounting meet regulatory requirements and operate efficiently and transparently.

P.Singh CPA Firm is with you as your personal accountant and makes sure the following things are prepared including your accounting task when you want them.
  • Compilation of financial statements
  • Financial forecasts and projections
  • Cash flow projections
  • Payroll Reports
  • Balancing Credit cards
  • Preparing Sales and Payroll Tax Filings